An independent meet-up for the ANZ Veeam community with an aim to share Veeam knowledge and best practice in an open and supportive environment.

How do I join? You can get notified of upcoming events by clicking on the “Attend” in the menu above and fill out your details. You will be automatically joined to the mailing list and notified of any upcoming events.
Does it cost anything? All session from the Veeam ANZ User Group are free unless otherwise stated.
Is food/drink provided? We try to organise sponsors to provide free pizza and soft drink at all of our meetings sponsorship.
Are we run by Veeam? No, we are an independent User Group run by a group of like-minded individuals whom all share a passion for Veeam.

Our Events?

Our intention is to move around Australia and New Zealand covering the main population areas, and spreading the Veeam knowledge.

Main areas of focus are Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth & Auckland. We are looking for more Veeam Community Leaders in other major capital areas to help run local events.

Interested in Joining Us?

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